Cohen Leadership Consulting
"Janice has an innate ability to understand cultural and organizational structures. She has a passion for organizational excellence which shows in all that she does."
Chuck Hayes,
CEO of MaineGeneral Medical Center
  Janice Cohen
Cohen Leadership Consulting works with leaders and professional employees in mid-size or large organizations who wish to improve their leadership skills or are in the process of making a career or job change.

Senior Executives
Clients who have had successful careers and occupy senior positions in their organizations. Because of their position, they are guarded in what they say and do not feel it is appropriate to share their concerns about the organization or their leadership with others. They have a great deal of responsibility for the success of the organization, and other employees often turn to them for answers. What they want in a coach is someone who will listen without an agenda, give straight honest feedback, bringing forward their own insights and experiences around good decision making and problem solving.

High Potential Leaders
Clients who are in mid and upper management positions and have been identified by their organizations as future executive leaders. Because of their responsibilities for large departments or areas in an organization, these clients are often stretched between the broader strategies and goals of the organization and the day to day operations and work performance. As upwardly mobile professionals they struggle with the balance between organizational life and their personal wants and needs. A coaching relationship for a high potential leader helps raise their awareness of their personal and professional goals, professional growth requirements and choices, and manageable pathways to achieve their goals.

Clients with responsibility for managing departments or areas of an organization. Because of rapidly changing work environments, managers are likely to face - despite years of management experience - having to adjust to cultural change, increased performance expectations and developing new skills and knowledge. Although training workshops can be very helpful for these clients, the one-on-one attention given in coaching helps managers apply the learning in their specific situation and identify personal challenges they may be experiencing. A coach provides a manager with a partner that helps him or her identify the challenges he or she is experiencing and develop the capacity to meet those challenges in order to become a successful performer.

Individuals Interested in Career Advancement
Clients who are dissatisfied with their current career or work situation. Knowing that a person is unhappy in his or her current job is easy. Understanding why he or she is unhappy and what would make him or her happy often requires some deep reflection and an objective professional to probe for the answers. A coach can help a professional employee or leader understand his/her definition of personal success, assess what he/she is doing that is aligned with achieving that success, and create strategies for improving his/her opportunities for achieving his/her defined success.