Cohen Leadership Consulting
"Janice's expertise as a personal and leadership coach is superlative! Her knowledge of organizational culture combined with deep insight into human behavior is the perfect combination for success."
Reiko Bennett
Director of Employee Relations, MaineGeneral Health
  Janice Cohen
Individual Leadership Coaching
Developing New Leaders
Leadership Consulting for Organizations
Leadership Assessment Tools
Individual Leadership Coaching – For You
Individualized one on one coaching for executives and high potential leaders.
Cohen Leadership Consulting’s coaching program provides leaders an objective, insightful look at how to use their strengths and move beyond their challenges to achieve success. The coaching relationship provides a leader with a non-biased and skilled confidante whose sole purpose is to help the leader reach his or her full potential.

“A company’s culture is the behavior of its people. You change culture by changing behavior.” Dick Brown, Fast Company, CEO

This coaching focuses on goals established by you and/or your organization. A self or “360” assessment may be utilized to identify specific opportunities for leadership development. Cohen Leadership Consulting contracts with you and/or your organization to accomplish the agreed upon goals. You can expect:
  • You will enjoy the support of an objective listener who’s only interest is your success
  • You will be energized by knowing what you want and discovering that you can achieve it.
  • You will design and implement successful pathways to your goals.
  • You will be comfortable that your priorities reflect your life strategies, and are not simply motivated by crisis management
  • You will increase your effectiveness influencing others who are important to your success

Developing New Leaders – For The Business
Designs and delivers customized leadership development programs for emergent and high potential leaders. Leadership development programs are designed to meet the specific culture and goals of an organization. These programs integrate action learning and coaching into the design to assure the ROI to the organization. The learning enhances both individual performance and organizational results in real time. Clients can expect our leadership development programs to result in:

  • Enhanced leadership practices of participating individuals
  • Ability of participants to think & act strategically
  • Leaders with the skills & practices that motivate others in achieving organizational goals
  • The ability to build & sustain successful teams
  • A powerful and committed team of leaders.
Leadership Consulting For Organizations – For Management Effectiveness
Analysis of organizational performance as it is being influenced by leadership style and practices. In assessing the organization’s capacity for achieving its goals, CLC works with clients to design and/or enhance structures, strategies, processes that align leadership practices with the culture necessary to achieve the desired results. As a result of working with us as leadership consultants, organizations can expect:
  • Accurate knowledge of the organization’s capacity for meeting its leadership challenges
  • New/revised leadership capacity building strategies to meet organizational goals
  • Implementation of systems for developing and recruiting appropriate leaders
  • Confidence in the ability to meet its future challenges
Leadership Assessment Tools Utilized by CLC

Leadership Effectiveness Assessment – LEA
Assesses 22 leadership behavioral characteristics as a self assessment or 360. The LEA Strategic Directions also helps an executive team identify the leadership behaviors necessary to meet future challenges. The LEA has been utilized globally by multi-national corporations for over 20 years.

Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator – MBTI
The MBTI is the most widely used personality indicator. It enables teams to understand how to work together effectively and thus maximize and benefit from different approaches to thinking and acting on problems facing an organization