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Janice Cohen / Courageous Leadership Coaching

Specialist in Healthcare Leadership Coaching

What is Leadership Coaching?

People who choose to be leaders as part of an organization, community or change initiative are continually challenged to think beyond what is, to what could be. What it takes to meet this challenge is not found in text books, lectures or on YouTube videos. To successfully navigate this unknown territory, a leader must embark on a personal journey. A courageous leadership coach works with leaders to help him/her discover the personal strengths, values, behaviors and experiences necessary to meet this challenge. As a result of leadership coaching, a leader feels more confident and supported in achieving success as he/she has defined it.

Why Janice Cohen?

Janice Cohen is a professional and time proven leadership coach. With particular expertise in the Maine healthcare and medical fields, Janice employs a reflective, thought-provoking process that inspires her clients to produce fulfilling results that maximize their personal and professional potential. Janice will listen, observe, question and offer insights that addresses their individual experiences and goals.

Courageous Leadership Coaching, Specializing in coaching leaders of the Maine healthcare and medical industry.