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Leadership Beyond Self-Interest

America is being offered an opportunity to evaluate the impact of leadership when it is no longer aligned with the good of the whole.  It is easy to judge our Congressional leaders when they act in ways that appear to benefit their reelection rather then make decisions that threaten their political future. Yet, leaders are often in the position where what they want to do, what advocates want them to do and what is good for the whole are not aligned. Yet, leaders have access to information and dialogue that enables them to see further from their vantage point then any one constituency or interest group. Additionally leaders are expected not to be limited by their own experiences and biases. Good leadership requires stepping beyond limiting belief systems and self-serving agendas. It means understanding the whole as well as the parts and being able to make the decisions that will build both strength and opportunity in a shared entity whether a  country, company or any organization consisting of diverse interests. Standing on a thin limb where there seems to be no one below to catch you and stepping out even further is an act of leadership. We don't need popular leaders in our organizations or public offices, we need courageous leaders. 

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