Our Clients Are About Leadership

Courageous Leadership Coaching works with leaders and aspiring leaders of organizations, communities, and civic initiatives, who want to make a difference by bringing their authentic courageous selves to their work, their relationships and their lives.

Senior Executives Because of their positions, senior executives are often guarded in what they say, hesitating to share their concerns about their organization or their leadership of others. We understand they have a great deal of responsibility for their organization's success and the quality and effectiveness of their leadership team. Our senior executive clientele demand a leadership coach who will listen without a predefined agenda, give straight honest feedback, and maintain strict confidentiality.

Healthcare Leaders and Providers
Whether a provider of healthcare or administrator of a healthcare system, the need to reduce the high cost of healthcare while maintaining quality outcomes is a mandate in the current environment. CLC has deep knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry and understands the challenges the industry is facing as it tries to meet the requirements of payers, regulators and customers. CLC offers workshops and coaching specifically designed to support healthcare leaders and providers as they make organizational and professional decisions that will change how healthcare is delivered.

High Potential Leaders
High potential leaders are those with enormous responsibility and a track record of effective leadership. A leadership coaching relationship with CLC benefits high potential leaders by raising awareness of their personal and professional goals, identifying professional growth requirements and choices, and constructing manageable pathways to surpass their demonstrated ability to create great leadership teams, define strategic direction, and develop beneficial partnerships and the behaviors of exemplary leaders.

People Who Want to Make a Difference
Not everyone who wants to improve themselves, their communities, or their organizations are in a formal position of leadership. Courageous Leadership Coaching supports people who aren't satisfied just living their life but want to reach out to the greater community to help create positive change, by helping them clarify their intent, define their change processes, identify and engage their support systems, and improve effective communications. We provide hope for positive change, and the necessary tools for creating actions and results that represent the difference desired by the change leader.

We guarantee that the outcomes you contract for with us, will be achieved or your money returned.

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