1. Leadership Coaching

 "There is nothing noble in being superior to some other man,
The true nobility is in being superior to youself"   ~Hindu Proverb


Janice Cohen's Courageous Leadership Coaching Process

Courageous Leadership Coaching partners with our clients in thought-provoking and creative processes that inspire them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Through inquiry, listening, evaluation, and reflection, CLC encourages our clients' inner journey to clarify and actualize the leadership practices and behaviors that are unique to them, enhancing their leadership effectiveness. Our CLC Coaching Process is results oriented; designed to assure the client's goals are achieved through directed application of their newly enhanced behaviors and skills to their practice of leadership.

CLC meets with our clients personally in their workplace, our office, or by phone or Skype. Our coaching sessions last 50 minutes and are scheduled based on Client's needs and goals. Courageous Leadership Coaching offers Leadership and Personality Assessments when necessary or requested.

The Benefits of Being Coached

Leaders, executives, managers, or those aspiring to reach these professional levels in private, government and non profit organizations, benefit from our coaching by learning to:

• Identify barriers that prevent them from achieving unimagined and unlimited success
• Gain courage to act in alignment with their personal wants and professional goals
• Enable trust and the capacity to achieve
• Remove cataracts that limit vision of the future and of success
• Influence the thinking and actions of others
• Create partnerships that add value to their leadership and their leadership goals

A. Leadership Coaching: Finding the Courage to Lead –The potential for leadership lies within each and every one of us. Accessing and actualizing that leadership potential in your personal and professional life, is the focus of leadership coaching. Through inquiry, focus, and practice, leadership coaching moves the client from where they are as a leader, to where they want to be.

B. Transition Coaching: Moving Up, Moving Out – There are moments in life when the path you are on becomes unclear, and you are unsure your destination goals are the right ones. Questions appear along the way like signposts, making navigation difficult and stressful. "Is this the work I want to do?" "Is this the organization I want to work for?" "Is this the right time for me to move into a different phase of life?"
Transition coaching is about developing and transforming your questions into opportunities. We help you reconnect with your deepest passions, and clear the pathways that will lead you to the goals you want to achieve.

C. Developmental Coaching: Becoming the Leader You Want to be – When there is a growing margin between the leader you want to be and the leader you are now, developmental leadership coaching helps close that gap. It is often difficult to both observe yourself as a leader and determine what is preventing you from practicing effective leadership. Developmental leadership coaching helps you assess your leadership skills and target your behaviors and actions that are holding you back from achieving your leadership goals.

D. Team Coaching: Creating High Performance Teams - Leaders are often more comfortable working as individuals then as an effective member of a team. Since you are a leader, you already know this. Listening openly, advocating honestly, identifying themes of agreement, and moving beyond impasses are essential to quality teamwork, and can be a huge challenge for high performing leaders. Courageous Leadership Coaching can effectively help you become a team coach who observes their team at work, identifies the obstacles they are facing, informs their team when communications and behaviors are negatively influencing performance, and implements strategies that enhance both team performance and inter-team-relationships.

E. Leadership For Legacy: How would lead your organization if you were creating your legacy? Would you make the same decisions, set the same goals, hire the same people, focus on the same issues? Your leadership is too important to be squandered on what doesn't make a difference. Each day presents opportunities to "just get it done" or to do things with far reaching effects in mind. When creating your leadership legacy, how you do things is as important as those things you do. Who you are and how you bring yourself into your leadership role defines your legacy – or the lack there of. Leadership for legacy requires knowing yourself deeply and immersing yourself fully into your leadership role. Courageous Leadership Coaching will help enable leadership from your center, not only creating a legacy that inspires others, creating one that is energizing, purposeful and rewarding for you.

Why Would I Want a Leadership Legacy?

• To make your career more than just a job
• To make your leadership is a source of energy
• To connect your decisions to who you are and how you want to be
• To claim your passion
• To define success in your own terms
• To assure your time on earth makes a positive difference


We guarantee that the outcomes you contract for with us, will be achieved or your money returned.

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