Facilitating Courageous Conversations

The most valuable resource to great leadership, is a great team. Yet, without skillful facilitation, this resource is often squandered. Courageous Leadership Coaching helps leaders tap into creative group thinking and communication through facilitation and instruction.

A. Successful Meetings – Getting to Results: Leaders spend the majority of their time in meetings. Yet, most of their meetings are either unnecessary or do not produce measurable outcomes or enhance organizational performance. By teaching our leadersto design their meetings to achieve identified outcomes, and to assure all participants are adequately prepared to meet those outcomes, CLC leaders can transform their meetings from ineffective, vacuous time vacuums to motivational goal generating machines.

B. Conflict Resolution- Preserving the Value in Differences: GoodLeaders know that conflicts between employees has a high cost in lost productivity, employee dissatisfaction, and poor customer relations. Great leaders know how to mitigate conflict, redirecting the energy to positively impact the workplace. Through a structured mediation process, we turn disruptive, costly conflict into negotiated agreements that improve communications, team work and productivity.

C. Courageous Conversations: Innovation Through Collective Thinking- Leadership requires the ability to bring people together to create new visions, innovative ways of doing things, powerful relationships, and enhanced thinking and reflection. Courageous Conversations are guided facilitated conversations that move a group away from focusing only on problems to creating solutions, providing pathways for unconventional thinking. These conversations provide the space and techniques for enabling a group’s sharing, listening, and exploring, to move them individually and collectively, beyond the boundaries of previous experiences and learnings. As a result participants of Courageous Conversations can advance into their desired futures with confidence.

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