Courageous Leadership Workshops

Through traditional and experiential learning Courageous Leadership Coaching helps leadership teams and groups enhance their performance, as they deepen their knowledge and practice of leadership, and their inter-connections with other leaders.
Each CLC Leadership Workshops are designed based on the client's needs and goals. Because leadership is an organic practice that goes beyond the application of management skills and knowledge, our workshops provide opportunities for deep reflection and personal and professional development. CLC Leadership Workshops enhance the thinking and practices of leaders while building interconnections between teams and group participants.

A. Knowing the Leader in Me: This program is a series of coaching workshops designed to prepare high potential leaders to perform effectively in top levels of leadership. As leaders are guided through a process of self-awareness, they become able to identify both their leadership strengths and challenges. Exercises, readings, and conversation, provide opportunities to convert these awareness's to learning processes and techniques that enhance their leadership performance. These learnings are then grounded in practical application specific to the leaders organizations or communities.

B. Leadership Influencing through Storytelling: Everyone has an important story to tell and leaders have stories that need to be heard. A leader's story can provide the context for the important work that needs to be done. This leadership workshop offers effective structure and engaging elements of good storytelling, creating an opportunity for leaders to practice storytelling as a way to create a connection with others as well as motivation and followership.

C. Collaborative Leadership – Transferring the Me to We: The practice of collaborative leadership requires nurturing both a mindset and a skillset. Courageous Leadership Coaching teaches leaders to design and manage processes that bring diverse ideas together and create innovative solutions to complex problems. As a result, leaders are able to develop engagement and commitment of those essential to the effective implementation of solutions.

D. Finding the Courage to Trust: The capacity to build trust is one of the most important and effective tools in a great leaders toolbox. But trust is built first on self-trust. This workshop provides an opportunity for participants to learn their inner inhibitors and motivators of self-trust. The self-awareness that emerges allows participants to present themselves more authentically to others, laying the foundation for building trust with employees, colleagues, customers, and others essential to meeting their leadership goals.

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